The journal is a biannual academic journal focusing on original and peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts in the fields of entrepreneurship and management studies.

Several policymakers and researchers have identified Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs as key role players contributing to a country’s economic prosperity. The role of entrepreneurship has become more noticeable in society and has evolved as a vital contributor in open and modern economies not just for economic growth but also for economic development. A variety of studies have empirically proven that a rise in entrepreneurial and efficient management leads to increased economic growth. Important management aspects should consider linking to all levels of the business environment (internal, market and external), including areas like financial, human resources, risk, strategic, business model, logistical and marketing management.

The target audience and beneficiaries of the findings emanating from research published in this journal will include business and economic academics, both on a local and international level, entrepreneurs and small business owners, and finally, policy- and decision-makers from the local, provincial and national levels.

The journal focuses on identifying trends in entrepreneurship and business management. Manuscript submissions are encouraged from studies that try to answer questions on business barriers, challenges, best practices, innovation, gender differences, family business, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education as well as strategy, projects, finances, human resources, logistics, production, marketing, asset and service management among other related business and management fields

Beata Ślusarczyk
Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland